The return of the ultimate fan smiley!

the fan smiley is finally back and will be yours as long as you impress him with a piece of Everybody Edits art
that tells him that You are the ultimate fan!

Send your fan art to to get the ultimate fan smiley and a chance to have your

art displayed here on the blog and on our official Facebook page!

As always we really like real world art, so take a picture of your Everybody Edits themed drawings, paintings,

lego creation or crop circle and send it in. Screenshots of Everybody Edits will not be accepted.

Remember to add your username in the email so we know who you are!

NOTE: To clear up some confusion, we are not interested in computer graphics like screenshots and Paint

pictures, we are only interested in real world art.

Happy Thanksgiving! – Two new smilies released.

In celebration of Thanksgiving 2011, we decided to release two brand new smilies for everyone for only 500 energy each. To the right is the delightful Pilgrim smiley, and to to right is the honorable Indian smiley. Get them before it’s too late!

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